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EVGA Product Unboxing

So I received some parts today for a friends PC upgrade. They are a EVGA GTX 980TI FTW Backplate Graphics card and a EVGA 850w Supernova G2 power supply.

The first thing I noticed when unboxing them is how well they are packaged. The graphics card is wrap in a shock absorbent plastic casing with its extras on top. Also, when I opened the package before taking the card out, there was a notice saying to not take the item back to where I bought it if it is faulty. They deal directly with their consumers. Very cool.

The power supply was in a briefcase style box. When you open it, the power supply is packaged with styrofoam and the cables are neatly tied and stacked underneath a handy velcro storage bag. But wait, thats not all. The power supply itself is wrapped up in a cloth bag that is sealed with velcro.

Way to go EVGA for making the effort to packing things well.

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