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iOS 10 Beta

So, last night I installed the latest beta of the new iOS software onto my iPhone 6 Plus. So far.... I like it.

Its smoother, new looks to notifications and messages. Subtle changes all through it. The lock screen is no longer a swipe to unlock. If you swipe, you get the camera or your notifications.

It took quite a while to download it, not sure if it was my connection or just that it didn't want to go fast, but installing was short and everything is working!

So far, so good. Will update more when I've got more use to it.


So it's been going well. Couple of things that haven't worked or jammed up, but hey, it's in Beta at the moment.

Things I like:

The new way to unlock the device, press home button, then press it again. No more swiping to unlock.

Swipe right before unlocking and get your favourite contacts, weather, calendar + other widgets you want.

Swipte left and get the camera! Easy & fast.

The ability to remove annoying Apple standard apps like Game Center, Newstand and others.

So, yeah, I quite like it.

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