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NVidia's New GPUs

So, the almight 10 Series cards are all the buzz at the moment. They have completely overshadowed AMD's release of their new RX range. So much hype over NVidia's card everywhere.

I've seen some build that have 4 GTX 1080 graphic cards in SLI. INSANE!! Who would ever need that much graphics power. It's not enough that its pretty much the best card on the market, you have to go and put 4 in your system?! Greedy much, not to mention too much $$.

I've priced up 2 good systems. One is a Intel-NVidia system. The other an AMD-Radeon system.

Price wise, the AMD comes in best. However, the AMD motherboards still only have DDR3 memory. Bit of a let down. Although you could get DDR3-1866MHz which is close to the DDR4 RAM speed.

The Intel-NVidia system is more expensive, but you get the faster RAM, better looking graphics card.

Which would I choose??? Glad you asked!

I would personally go for the Intel-NVidia system. I feel if you're going to spend that much money, you may as well spend a bit more and get the faster system. Many variable however with Intel. Enough of that though, this was supposed to be about the graphics cards.

How many should you get in your kick-ass gaming system? Depends how hard out of a gamer you are and how much $$ you have. If you want to future proof your system, go for two. Even if a new card comes out soon, which, lets face it, could happen any day, you will still have a kick-ass system. Also, go with an X99 board and CPU setup.

Anyway...if you are interested in getting a system like this, then get in contact. I've got a supplier with plenty of parts and are only too willing to sell them to me.

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