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Last day for free Windows 10 upgrade!

So today is the last day for the free upgrade to Windows 10. After today, It will cost to do the upgrade.

Also, the anniversary update is coming on the 2nd of August. New and exciting things are promised.

If you don't manage to get the upgrade done today, we will be able to do the upgrade to Windows 10 Home for only $269. This includes a copy of Windows 10 Home and 1 Hour of onsite install. If the process takes longer because of an issue, then extra time will be chargable.

If needed, we may have to take the PC offsite to do a clean install of Windows. This means backing up all data and reinstalling everything. There is a bonus of doing this though. 99% of the time it makes your computer run faster because its like starting again with a new PC!

Call me if you want this done!

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